Dishes and drinks

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Regional dishes

Banosh, 300 г.

115 UAH

corn porridge, cracklings, bryndza (sheep milk cheese), penny buns

Hetman’s hors d’oeuvre, 250 г.

83 UAH

3 types of leaf lard, pickles

Host’s appetizer, 250 г.

126 UAH

tomatoes with cheese and garlic

Mushroom soup, 300 г.

115 UAH

porcini mushroom’s soup with cream sauce

Bograch, 350 г.

135 UAH

a traditional veal and pork soup

Andruts, 70 г.

42 UAH

local dessert

River fish, 130 г.

138 UAH

soft cure trout

Cold appetizers

Assorted homemade meat with horseradish, 250 г.

163 UAH

smoked ham, minced saussage, cold baked pork, lard

Fish plate, 230 г.

244 UAH

cold smoked oil fish, lax, soft cure trout

Noble cheese plate, 200 г.

292 UAH

Gouda, Camembert, Dorblu, Parmesan

Homemade preservation, 380 г.

84 UAH

pickles, pickeled tomatoes, sauerkraft, pickeled mushrooms

Caprese, 220 г.

126 UAH

tomatoes with mozzarella and pesto sauce


Vegetable salad, 240 г.

73 UAH

cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers with dressing of your choice: sour cream, olive oil, mustard and caper dressing

Greek salad, 260 г.

133 UAH

cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, Feta cheese, olives, Crimean onion, salad mix

Warm salad with beef and omelette, 190 г.

235 UAH

fried beef fillet, omelette, cherry tomatoes, salad mix, Parmesan with balsamic dressing

Warm seafood salad, 200 г.

232 UAH

sea cocktail, salad mix, Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, caramelised onions, cream sauce

Chicken liver salad, 150 г.

124 UAH

chicken liver, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, olive oil, salad mix

Salad mix with pumpkin oil and seeds, 170 г.

122 UAH

salad mix, pine nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin oil

Pear and Brie cheese salad, 150 г.

156 UAH

pear, Brie cheese, walnuts, salad mix

Salad with goat cheese and vegetable tartar, 160 г.

153 UAH

salad mix, goat cheese, eggplant, sweet pepper with balsamic dressing

Salad with crunchy perch, 160 г.

145 UAH

salad mix, sea bass, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs with mustard dressing

Avocado couscous salad, 170 г.

86 UAH

couscous, cherry tomatoes, avocado, salad mix, olive oil for dressing

Citrus and red beans salad, 170 г.

106 UAH

red beans, sweet pepper, orange, onion, black and green olives, salad mix, mint, olive oil for dressing


Spaghetti Carbonara, 300 г.

136 UAH

spaghetti with creamy bacon sauce

Mushroom & spinach risotto, 250 г.

165 UAH

Arborio rice, porcini mushrooms, spinach

Pasta with prawns, 300 г.

245 UAH

spaghetti with cream sauce, tiger prawns and tomato concasse

Polish Cuisine

Old Polish zurek, 300 г.

125 UAH

a traditional Polish soup with smoked sausages

Kapusnyak in bread, 500 г.

165 UAH

a sauerkraut soup with pork served in a bread bowl

Beef Tartare, 180 г.

224 UAH

a cold hors d’oeuvre of marinated beef, pickles and olives


Меню бару    Regional dishes      Cold appetizers       Salads      Hot appetizers      Pasta      First courses      Fish Menu      Meat Menu      Grilled Menu      Grilled Vegetables      Sides      Ukrainian Cuisine       Polish Cuisine      Desserts            Tea      Coffee      Cocktails