“Vezha Vedmezha” - unique hotel in the Carpathians (Slavske) offers to its guests 26 exclusive rooms. Interiors designed in medieval style will impress everyone, and when Guest takes two-leveled apartment “Vezha” then there's possibility to enjoy cozy crackling of wood in the fireplace, without leaving the room.

 Besides the  medieval decorations, all the rooms have current equipment, mini-bar, safe deposit box, all needed bath accessories. Rooms are closed by electronic lock, which will make your stay in the Carpathians comfortable and cozy.

 “Vezha Vedmezha” - is one of few hotels in the Carpathians and hotels of Slavske in particular, which offers to its guests rest near the pool. At your disposal will be big open pool, size of which amounts 7m x 15m, which will be appreciated by admirers of swimming, you can just get a sun-tun near the pool under tender  Carpathian sun  an those, who like family rest with children near the water (in the pool there's special zone for children). Famous Russian bath also can be proud of having open air mini-pool. So, if you look for the rest in Slavske with the pool, “Vezha Vedmezha” is just that what you need!
The price includes complete breakfasts.
  Room type
  Basic quantity of bedspaces
  Quantity of possible additional bedspaces
 Price per 1 night stay
  1 450 UAH
  1 650 UAH
  1 800 UAH
  2 990 UAH
  3 300 UAH
 Additional bed
  350 UAH
  • Check in from 2:00 p.m.\ Check out before 12:00
  • Room prices include the cost of breakfast, parking and all taxes
  • Children under 6 stay for free on the bedspace with parents without additional bed.
  • Payment is made in UAH at exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. Hotel reserves the right to change prices.

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