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Bicycle tour in the Carpathians
In the Carpathians by bikeі
Bicycles, Carpathian Mountains, Vezha Vedmezha
In the Carpathians on bike
Summer cycling in 2018
Bikes Vezha Vedmezha Hotel
Biking in the Carpathians
velo_1.jpgvelo_2.jpgvelo_3.jpgBicycle tour in the CarpathiansIn the Carpathians by bikeіBicycles, Carpathian Mountains, Vezha VedmezhaIn the Carpathians on bikeSummer cycling in 2018Bikes Vezha Vedmezha HotelBiking in the Carpathians

Mountains regions of Skole are perfect natural places for active rest on fresh air. When it's warm – bicycling is very good kind of such rest.
Among variety of bicycling styles - calm walks along shade wood paths, venturous speed downrun from hills, or even short one-day trips along neighborhood, so that you can choose the best for you.
 There's bicycle rent in “Vezha Vedmezha”, so you don't need to worry about    not having your own one. And after walk, when you get the health charge and breathtaking impressions, you'll come back covered with pleasant fatigue, which can be taken away by crystal mountain water.

Prices на Bicycle rental

Price, UAH
Rent a bike (to 20:00) 500

Prices на Mountain bikes rental

Price, UAH
Mountain bikes rental
1 hour