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Barabande Parrots, mini-zoo in the Carpathians
Black-shouldered peacock in the Carpathians
Mini-Farm in Vezha Vedmezha Hotel, Carpathians
Sheep grazing on the lawn. Summer 2018 in the Carpathians
Ram, a mini-farm of Vezha Vedmezha
Wild boar, mini-farm in the Carpathians
Cockerel, mini-farm in the Carpathians
Rabbit with rabbits, mini farm of Vezha Vedmezha
Pheasants in Vezha Vedmezha
Pheasants, mini-farm in the Carpathian
Rabbits in the Carpathians
sheep, mini-farm in the Carpathians
Royal Pheasant
Rabbits in the mini-farm in Vezha Vedmezha Hotel
mini-farm in the Carpathians
Goat in the hotel complex Vezha Vedmezha
Rabbit in the hay, Vezha Vedmezha
Sheep, mini-farm in the Carpathians
Golden Pheasant in the Carpathians
Hen, mini-farm in the Carpathians
Black Cat, Vezha Vedmezha
Co-Co Parrot, Vezha Vedmezha Hotel
Red roseola, mini-farm in the Carpathians
Parrot in Vezha Vedmezha
, mini-farm in the Carpathians
mini-farm in the Carpathians
Silver lofura (silver pheasant)
Barabande Parrots, mini-zoo in the CarpathiansBlack-shouldered peacock in the CarpathiansMini-Farm in Vezha Vedmezha Hotel, CarpathiansSheep grazing on the lawn. Summer 2018 in the CarpathiansRam, a mini-farm of Vezha VedmezhaWild boar, mini-farm in the CarpathiansCockerel, mini-farm in the CarpathiansRabbit with rabbits, mini farm of Vezha VedmezhaPheasants in Vezha VedmezhaPheasants, mini-farm in the CarpathianRabbits in the Carpathianssheep, mini-farm in the CarpathiansRoyal PheasantRabbits in the mini-farm in Vezha Vedmezha Hotelmini-farm in the CarpathiansGoat in the hotel complex Vezha VedmezhaRabbit in the hay, Vezha VedmezhaSheep, mini-farm in the CarpathiansGolden Pheasant in the CarpathiansHen, mini-farm in the CarpathiansBlack Cat, Vezha VedmezhaCo-Co Parrot, Vezha Vedmezha HotelRed roseola, mini-farm in the CarpathiansParrot in Vezha Vedmezha, mini-farm in the Carpathiansmini-farm in the CarpathiansSilver lofura (silver pheasant)

During summer rest in “Vezha Vedmezha” you'll definitely like this romantic place, which will bring you full relaxation, rest after active day or just will help you to dream. Here you at once feel yourself a participant of such popular “green tourism in the Carpathians”, when it's easy to “sink” in serene and mysterious atmosphere.
 How many children, who permanently live in the cities saw real goat? Or cute shaggy ram? In mini-zoo of “Vezha Vedmezha” your kids can watch those interesting animals as long as they wish.
 Animals remain in special aviary and though the fence it's very convenient to watch and even feed the animals with grass or hay. Just imagine how happy kids will be. And if you'll make a memory picture, your kid will remember a trip to Carpathians for a long time.
 And for today our mini-zoo has two goats and two rams, but soon there will be also other animals.
 And what can be more romantic then lying on the loft at warm summer night and count stars high in dark-blue sky, listen twittering of a nightingale and breathe in amazing aroma of fresh hay.