Summer rest in the Carpathian Mountains 2023, prices for summer rest in the Carpathians

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Holiday in the Carpathian by the pool, a large outdoor
Summer 2019 at the outdoor pool in the Carpathians
Summer cocktail by the pool at a hotel in the Carpathians, 2019
Summer rest in Carpathians, hammocks by the pool in the hotel Vezha Vedmezha
Fabulous summer in green Carpathians
Pastoral in the Carpathians
Carefree Summer in Carpathians
Summer rest in Vezha Vedmezha 2019
Vezha Vedmezha in summer
Carpathian in summer
Summer 2019 in Carpathians
Traveling in the Carpathians in the summer near the water
Holiday in the Carpathian in summer 2019 n Vezha Vedmezha (Slavs'ke - Volosyanka)
Summer in the Carpathians, 2019
Nature of the Carpathians in summer
Carpathian forest in summer
Poppies - Carpathian flowers
Summer rest in Carpathians in 2019
Summer flowering field in the Carpathians, poppies
Summer holidays in Slavske - Volosyanka 2019
Carpathian summer views
Carpathian summer, Slavs'ke 2019
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Summer is a favorite time of year for many of us. It is summer, when we expect wonderful surprises and bright sunny memories. All the year round we dream and plan. But in summer…

…Summer perfectly combines all four elements of nature and creates for you a fabulous summer vacation in the Carpathian Mountains. Amazing harmony of summer impressions comes in combination with strong fire, crystal water, fresh air and generous land…

And for you to know exactly where a good rest in the Carpathian Mountains is possible, summer warmly welcomes to its Carpathian pearl – Vezha Vedmezha castle hotel.

An ancient Carpathian forest, like a true guard, day and night watches Vezha Vedmezha castle hotel standing around. So it protects your peace of mind and isolates you from the hustle and bustle; it brings pleasant thoughts of summer holidays in the Carpathians.

Due to the forest silence you get a peaceful summer rest with your family and children in the lap of nature, living in comfortable rooms or apartments.

Healthy Carpathian appetite will take you to one of the three restaurants. Friendly waiters will offer you Ukrainian, European and Polish cuisine. We also recommend you to taste a special summer menu.

After having a delicious meal it is pleasant to sit in the gazebo near the pine trees and to think about your summer entertainment in Vezha Vedmezha castle hotel.

Outdoor swimming pool, river and lake.
What a summer without water and sunburn? Looking for a hotel with an outdoor pool? Our hotel has a beautiful swimming pool opened for a hot sun and summer breeze. You can also have rest near the lake and river in the middle of the forest in the shadows of trees.

Rest near the outdoor pool in the Carpathian Mountains

Russian bath in the Carpathians

Russian bath and SPA-kupel. It is a special ancient Slavic SPA-procedure. After a bath in the Carpathian Mountains you have a unique opportunity to breathe a fresh forest air. So steaming will be even more effective.

Rope park in the Carpathians

Rope Park Vedmezha Lazanka is our pride – It is suitable both for children and adults. It can be a fun summer entertainment, but it can also become a challenge of strength. It can unite the team and open your hidden talents.

Bicycle rides in the Carpathians. Ardent fans of bikes are just waiting for the summer to ride their iron horses. They know very well that bicycle in the Carpathians brings much joy, because there are steep climbs and heels; adventurous jumping and slow riding are both possible here.

Bicycle rides through the Carpathians

Family rest in the Carpathian Mountains

Large playground. Summer vacations become successful if the whole family is satisfied. That is why your children always have something to do here. And most importantly, you have someone to leave your kids with.

Fishing is a perfect way to start a summer day. Get up before dawn. Get a ready-made equipment and bait. Come to a fish place. And fish calmly and quietly... We know all the details and secrets of fishing art. So we guarantee you a nice fishing.
Fishing in the Carpathians.

Fishing in the Carpathians

Paintball in the Carpathians

Paintball. Paintball. The combination of words "mountains" and "paintball" immediately make people with good imagination explode with adrenaline. Our playground is like a wooden fortress. Therefore you quickly forget about everything in the world and plunge into gambling.

Sports Entertainment. Have an active and cheerful start of each new summer day. Just try it. Nice summer weather and excellent sports equipment will help you develop or maintain good habits – to boost your energy every morning.

Sports Entertainment

Animals and Birds in the Carpathians

Animals and Birds. Animals and birds. Show your children the world of nature. Summer meeting with animals and birds in the mini-zoo will bring your kids joy and happiness. Kids have the opportunity to stroke and feed the pets here.

Medieval entertainment. You are transported into real Middle Ages like in a time machine. At that time authority and power were gained with strength, but not with words. You can try on beautiful summer royal garments, and also test their strength as a knight, an archer, or a swordsman.

Medieval entertainment

Sightseeing tours in the Carpathians

Sightseeing tours. Sightseeing tours. Vezha Vedmezha castle hotel will show you the beauty of the Carpathians. We know our native land. Therefore we will offer you a guided tour you will certainly be interesting in. After all summer Carpathians are different: romantic, healing, historical, and patriotic. Choose your mood and travel with pleasure.

Feel the melody of sunny mood in your heart and make a fascinating journey – have a summer rest in the Carpathians in Vezha Vedmezha castle hotel.

Visit us alone or with your family and children, with friends and colleagues, or with your loved ones. You will find yourself in a fabulous place where small miracles happen everywhere.

This place will meet your mood and desires.

Therefore Vezha Vedmezha castle hotel will offer something interesting for you in any weather, you will find something to do in any mood... And every moment of summer in Vezha Vedmezha castle hotel proves that life is a colorful holiday created personally for you.